Announcing the Still Point Interfaith Council

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From Still Point member Hwa Ja Bill Secrest:

“Religion is supposed to be a path for full human development . . . If we human beings want to survive with any graciousness on this planet, we need to affirm and share each other’s religious practice rather than continue to use religion as a way to further divide us.” –Zoketsu Norman Fischer, Everyday Zen Foundation
In this spirit, the Still Point Interfaith Council is forming to share our Dharma and presence with the Southeast Michigan neighborhood. For several years, our Dharma Teachers have been making presentations and participating in the burgeoning Detroit Metro Interfaith movement. Our guiding teacher Koho was recently invited to offer the meal dedication at the Detroit Interfaith Leadership Council annual dinner before 400 attendees from all manner of spiritual walks.
All who are interested in taking our Dharma to the street are invited to sign on.

We aim to:
–Share our practice at events, conferences, schools, and religious institutions.
–Join in community-wide interfaith service projects
–Offer field trips and seminars to Still Pointers who wish to learn more about the spiritualities of our neighbors
–Open-mindedly bear witness and heal.

If interested, please write Hwa Ja Bill Secrest, c/o Still Point at stillpointabbey at gmail dot com


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